SIZE: 24″x24″x1.5″

MEDIUM: Encaustic on cradled wood panel

TYPE: Painting created with professional high-quality materials

DISPLAY: Unframed. Sides of panel are painted slate gray. Ready to hang with hardware attached.

Signed certificate of authenticity available.

This artwork draws inspiration from the intricate geology of our planet, delving into the textures and strata that form its diverse surface. The intent was to visually capture the natural forces shaping Earth, highlighting the inherent beauty residing in its minutest intricacies. Executed through multiple layers of encaustic paint, the piece achieves a textured and stratified effect, offering a tactile experience.

The chosen colors are a deliberate reflection of the earth’s warmth and richness, portraying the contrasts and diversity inherent in its landscapes. The panel becomes a nuanced narrative, intertwining the lively vibrancy of yellow with the calming coolness of blue. This juxtaposition not only contrasts warm and cool tones but also encapsulates the dichotomy between happiness and the inner hues of sadness. The radiant cheer of yellow exudes happiness, while the contemplative depths of blue subtly reveal an undercurrent of inner sadness, creating a poignant visual dialogue that resonates with complex emotions.

Mixed media includes encaustic, wax pencil, and water-soluble encaustic paint. Title is from the Shakespeare quote from “Love’s Labors Lost”.

This piece is included in the “Every Rock Has A Story” collection of 20 geology-inspired paintings. Click HERE to read a blog article about the backstory, inspiration, and process of the collection.