Biography: Anne Stine

Anne Stine Fine Art
interview with Anne Stine, encaustic artist

Artist Statement

I’m a mixed media painter inspired by my deep passion for the essence of nature – its geometry, patterns, colors and textures. Ever since childhood, nature has been my sanctuary where I catch my breath and meditate on the spiritual bond I experience when I’m totally immersed in its beauty. It’s this deep personal connection and the childlike wonder of our natural world that I wish to share with others to motivate them to cherish and preserve the environment that I hold so dear to my heart. I want to bring attention to our codependent relationship we share with nature, how it can heal the soul and bring a sense of solace in our otherwise chaotic world. My work created using encaustic ( beeswax mixed with damar resin) and oils mixed with cold wax, depicts the fragility of our planet and relay the message that by healing the environment, we heal ourselves. It explores the powerful, fundamental need – mental, spiritual, and physical – human beings share for the natural world, and how reconnecting with nature can give a broader sense of community and of life itself. The paintings I create are meticulous in the use of color and textures, inviting the viewer to dig into the layers of material hidden in these surfaces encouraging personal exploration.

The encaustic medium allows me to express the actual intensity, fluidity, and various textures found in natural environments more than any other medium I’ve come across. My nontraditional combination of oils and encaustic painting techniques incorporates a “unique” component to each of my pieces. Using custom-made paint and additional sculptural manipulations of the wax, no two pieces will ever be the same. With differing applications of wax and natural resin, I create textural layers in my paintings intended to bring them to life in a tactual way adding to the overall viewing experience. Wielding a blowtorch and letting my creative intuition lead the way; I gouge, scrape, burn, and drip the wax into impressionistic images of landscapes, waterways, and other natural scenes. I sometimes add other elements such as pebbles, sand, twigs and other natural found objects into my work. It’s the unpredictable qualities of the encaustic process that really inspire me to push the limits of my medium and imagination.

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“I find Anne Stine’s work addictive because it transports me to those times and places that have meant the most to me in my life. I was lucky enough to snag “Shenandoah” because it was painted from an iconic spot on one of my favorite hikes along the river. “Living” with her painting takes me back to long hikes with my dog and the tranquility and wonder they bring, even when I can’t get there! Her work is always evocative, whether you’ve “been there” in person or not – you can feel the anticipation of the moment captured by two sets of footprints in the snow through a wood at twilight; you feel your own footfalls crunch as they wind toward a house in the distance and smell the wood fire. Listen to the water rush and cackle around rocks in a stream and you are a fish feeling its way downstream. Her sky series literally laid me on my back, six years old again, picking out angels from their overlook. If you are lucky enough to ever own one of these portals, treasure it as you do your most precious memories. ” — M.G.

Artist Biography

Award-winning artist Anne Stine is best known for her encaustic mixed media paintings that reflect an intimate, human connection with the natural world. She adds a contemporary twist to landscape painting by combining oils with encaustic beeswax medium, then fuses each layer using heat onto a wood panel. Anne grew up in Fairfax, VA, and has a background in Communications and Art. After a career in arts marketing, she followed her long-time passion for painting contemporary landscapes. Her love of encaustic painting (a combination of beeswax, natural resin, and pigment) began in 2016, when she discovered the medium’s ability to add a lush luminescent quality and unique texture to her nature-themed paintings. Her work can be found in international art competitions and solo and group exhibits, as well as public and private collections around the world, including the permanent collection of the Encaustic Museum of Art in New Mexico. Gallery representation includes Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC; District Arts, Frederick, MD; Allure Art Center, White Stone, VA; and Gallery 75 at the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA. Anne lives in Purcellville, Virginia, with her husband and three children.

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  • The Byrne Gallery, Middleburg, VA, April, 2024
  • Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA, Sept. 2023
  • Allure Art Center, Featured Artist Exhibit, White Stone, VA, June – July 2022
  • Otium Cellars, Featured Artist Exhibit, Purcellville, VA, Sept. – Dec. 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Artists in Middleburg Gallery, Middleburg, VA, Featured Artist Exhibit, Nov. 2020, Aug. 2021
  • Art Sweet Art Gallery, Leesburg, VA;  Sept – Oct., 2019
  • Tryst Gallery, Leesburg, VA. Dec. 2018
  • North Gate Vineyard, Purcellville, VA, July – Oct. 2018
  • Purcellville Town Hall, Purcellville, VA. Jan. 2018



  • Touchstone Gallery, “People and The Planet”, International Juried Art Exhibit, Washington DC, August 2023
  • Gallerium and Book of Arts, “Aqua” International Juried Virtual Art Exhibit and Publication, Jan 25 – Feb 25, 2023
  • Exhibizone, “Happiness” International Juried Virtual Art Exhibit, Jan 30 – Mar 3, 2023
  • Camelback Gallery,  “Shades of Blue 2022” International Juried Visual Arts Competition, Scottsdale, AZ, February 2022
  • Camelback Gallery, “Artists Choice VIII” International Juried Visual Arts Competition, Scottsdale, AZ, January 2022
  • Van Der Plas Gallery, “Purely Primary”, New York, New York, December 2021
  • Manhattan Arts International, “The Healing Power of ART, In Honor of Nature” Exhibition, NY, NY, 2021, 2023
  • Manhattan Arts International, “Her Story” Exhibition, NY, NY, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Manhattan Arts International, “The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS, Spirit of Resilience” Exhibition, NY, NY.  2020, 2021
  • Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Exhibition, Chongqing, China, 2016


  • Martha Spak Gallery, “Art in Bloom” exhibition, Washington DC, April 2023
  • Calloway Fine Art, “All About the DMV” exhibition, Washington DC, March 2023, 2024
  • Composer Margin Alexander music & art concert, “The Timbre of Canvases”, featured artist, NYC, NY, June 2022
  • Encaustic Arts Institute, “Flow” exhibition, Cerrillos, NM, June 2022
  • Encaustic Arts Institute, “Global Warming is Real” online exhibit, July 2021, June 2023
  • Maryland Federation of Art, online exhibit, August 2020
  • The Art League, Alexandria, VA, minimum of three exhibits per year, 2019 to present
  • Gross-Downing Cultural Arts Center, Newport News, VA: Ella Fitzgerald 100th Birthday Celebration Exhibition 2016


  • Capitol One Headquarters Exhibit, Washington DC, July – Sept 2023
  • The Hill Center Galleries, “CHAL”, exhibition, Washington DC, June 2022
  • Capitol Hill Art League, “Untitled,” exhibit, Washington DC, April 2022
  • Vale Arts Spring Invitational, Oakton, VA, April 2022
  • Foundry Gallery, “Artists’ Choice,” exhibit, Washington DC, July 2021
  • Art of the Piedmont Invitational, Upperville, VA, May 2021, June 2022, April 2023, March 2024
  • Art at the Mill, Millwood, VA, May 2021, October 2022, October 2023
  • Franklin Park Arts Center, Purcellville, VA , Aug. 2021, July 2020 (awarded prize), Sept 2022 (awarded prize)
  • 868 Estate Vineyards, Hillsboro, VA, Dec. 2019, June – Aug. 2022
  • Loudoun Sketch Club, VA,  Barns of Rose Hill 2019, Gallery One 2019, Summer 2021, Summer 2022
  • Artists in Middleburg Gallery, Middleburg, VA:,2017-2021, Aug. 2022
  • Tryst Gallery, Leesburg, VA: 2017-2019


Member, Franklin Park Arts Center Art Committee, Jan 2022 to present

Founder, Purcellville Art Gallery, Purcellville, VA, June 2019 – April 2020

Founder, Purcellville Artisan Tour, 2018 to present

Owner, Anne Stine Decorative Painting, Commercial and Residential Mural Painting Company, 2000 – 2010


Winner, Stop Ecocide International 2023 calendar contest, Nov. 2022

Third Place, Arts of Great Falls “Paint Great Falls” plein air competition, Sept. 2022

Honorable Mention, Franklin Park Arts Center, “Water & Color” juried exhibit, Sept. 2022

Bronze Award, Camelback Gallery’s “Artist Choice VIII” International Juried Visual Arts Competition, February 2022

Finalist, Camelback Gallery’s “Shades of Blue 2022” International Juried Visual Arts Competition, January 2022

Award of Excellence, “Spirit of Resilience” Exhibit, Manhattan Arts International, September 2020

Best in Show, Franklin Park Arts Center “Journeys” Exhibit, July 2020


Mr. and Mrs. Polkowske, Virginia, USA, Mr. and Mrs. Halaiko, Maryland, USA; Ms. Deutsch, Virginia, USA;  Mr. and Mrs. Carlson, Virginia, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Vedaa, Virginia, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Kamp, New York, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Kalina, Virginia, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Sayadian, Virginia, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Talamala, Virginia, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Massachusetts, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Fink, Virginia, USA, Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Virginia, USA; Mr. and Mrs. Meadows, Ashburn, USA


Encaustic Art Institute / Museum of Encaustic Art permanent collection, Cerrillos, NM

Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC

Allure Art Center, White Stone, VA

District Arts Gallery, Frederick, MD

Gallery 75, the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA

Manhattan Arts International Artist Showcase Gallery, NYC, NY


Virginia Tech University, Virginia, Minor in Fine Art 1988

Corcoran School of Art, Washington DC, 1990 – 92

Studied under Christine Lashley, international award-winning oil painter, 2020-21

“Painting with Fire,” Year-Long virtual Encaustic Instruction, Mulranny Arts, Mulranny, Ireland, 2021-22