SIZE: 24″x18″x1.5″

MEDIUM: Encaustic on cradled wood panel

TYPE: Painting created with professional high-quality materials

DISPLAY: Mounted in a slate gray floater frame. Ready to hang with hardware attached.

Signed certificate of authenticity available.

This abstract painting was created using oils and cold wax, with a clear influence from the art of Gustav Klimt. The vibrant and dynamic brushstrokes present a composition reminiscent of a bustling urban setting, with bold and energetic movement, much like Klimt’s use of dynamic patterns and energetic lines. With blue, white, and smaller accents of contrasting colors like red and orange echoing the various elements of an urban landscape, the large expanse of golden-yellow tones at the center represents the vibrant energy of a city. The strokes give the impression of chaos, movement, and the constant buzz of activity, hinting at structures or forms within the abstraction. The outer edges of the canvas have pronounced blue and grey colors, framing and grounding the central portion of the work. The dramatic texture of the painting emphasizes the layers of complexity within an urban environment. Overall, the work exudes a sense of energy and depth, leaving the interpretation open to the viewer’s imagination within the context of a bustling city.

Mixed media includes encaustic, wax pencil, and oils/cold wax.
(Included in a juried group show at the Martha Spak Gallery, Washington DC, Fall 2023.)