SIZE: 36″x24″x1.5″

MEDIUM: Encaustic on cradled birch panel

TYPE: Painting created with professional high-quality materials

DISPLAY: Unframed. Sides of panel painted white. Ready to hang with hardware attached.

Signed certificate of authenticity available.

Ever since my collegiate Geology studies, I’ve been fascinated with the Earth and its stories that are forever captured in rock and strata. This geological painting explores the interconnection between Earth and humanity.  Through abstract imagery,  I convey the story of the Anthropocene; the present geological age, in which humans have massively reshaped the environment, and our reliance on each other for healing and survival. The work suggests not only the enormity of landscape, but also the smallness one feels in its presence. It conveys the juxtaposition of stability countered by the very unstable time for the world presently.  Like the formation of earth itself, this painting is created with multiple layers of materials.  Encaustic, alcohol inks, wax pencil, and pastels are applied to a wood substrate and carefully layered, fused with heat, and scraped back repeatedly to reveal the intended visual texture and artist’s vision.