Encaustic Art Books Reviewed

Getting started in encaustic painting has its challenges. First of all, the medium is fairly new to the art world compared to watercolors or oils, so it may be difficult to find supplies and instruction. When I began exploring encaustic five years ago, there were only a handful of YouTube videos and websites to guide me in my journey. Here is the book that I found to be very helpful in getting started in this exciting medium.


Encaustic Mixed Media: Innovative Techniques and Surfaces for Working With Wax 

What I love about this very first book that I picked up for learning encausitc is the step-by-step process the author and artist, Patricia Baldwin walks readers through.  She introduces you to trying a variety of mixed media such as shellac, tar, plaster, and other supplies you can find in your home supply store. Other traditional mixed media are also covered including pastels, decorative papers adn embellishments. I found the instructions easy to follow and her supply list wasn’t too lengthy. This is a fabulous book to use if you want to jump right in and begin creating her inspired works.

If you need help finding materials, read my article, “How to Save Money on Encaustic Supplies”, where I give a list of my favorite supplies and hacks to set up your own encaustic studio.



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  1. Lori Geiger says:

    Would like to read many of the articles but the links appear broken. Such as “How to Save Money on Encaustic Supplies”.
    Are those available any where else?

    Thank you,

    1. Anne Stine says:

      Hi Lori,
      Thanks for reaching out. Would you please let me know where you are seeing the broken links? I’ve checked the posts and they are working fine. Here is the direct link to the post you are interested in.


      1. Lori Geiger says:

        Hi Anne,
        The link seems to be broke on the page “Encaustic Art Books Reviewed
        By Anne Stine August 17, 2020.” Hope that helps.
        Thank you for the link to saving money on encaustics. Filedl out the survey today as well about taking a class. Looking forward to it!

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