Pursuit of Happiness


SIZE: 24″x36″”x1.5″

MEDIUM: Encaustic on cradled birch panel

TYPE: Painting created with professional high-quality materials. Mixed media includes encaustic, pastel, oils.

DISPLAY: Unframed.  Image extends on all sides. Ready to hang with hardware attached.

Signed certificate of authenticity available.

The Washington DC area comes alive every Spring with the celebration of the blossoming cherry trees that reside along the DC tidal basin. It’s become a pilgrimage journey for me every year to witness their splendor and remember how beauty is constantly present all around us.

tidal basin           

The blossom color ranges from a pure bright white to a vivid pink depending on the variety. I chose the composition to include the iconic image of the Jefferson Memorial, a favorite location for locals and sight seers alike. With all of the turmoil and ugliness surrounding the Washington DC area in the past year, I felt compelled to paint an image that reminds us of the extraordinary beauty still alive and thriving in the nation’s capitol.

           cherry blossom painting

Click the image below to view a video showing an up-close perspective of the painting.


Click image below to view a video showing the step-by-step progression of the painting’s creation.

cherry blossom painting

progression video


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