landscaping painting

I’m always a little sad in September. The turning of the leaves and crisp morning air means fall is coming to Virginia. My spirit longingly desires to be back at the Outerbanks, North Carolina where the smell of salt water permeates the air. Fall is a time when I try to recreate summer moments from favorite vacation photos or the images locked away in my mind.

mixed media

“Descending Dusk” is just such a painting. However, I never made it to Mantel, North Carolina, where the photograph I used for inspiration was taken. My dear friend posted this image on Instagram and with her permission, I knew immediately I had to paint it.

This view from the bay just after sunset portrays that sleepy, cozy feeling you get at the beach when the day has ended and all creatures great and small are making their way back home after a lovely day in the sun. A warm blanket of dusk falls upon the landscape. You can imagine hearing the sounds of locust buzzing, seabirds calling, and a faint hum of a passing boat. Beachgoers slowly drag their beach gear up the dunes and back home with visions of a shrimp dinner in their heads.

“Descending Dusk” is a cold wax mixed media painting on 20″x20″x1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas. I like to make a textured underpainting of acrylic medium before applying the wax. You can see here how I used medium with a stencil to create the numbers and letters. Vintage french dictionary text and more number images are added to emphasize the theme of descending day and time.

mixed media

Next, comes the cold wax application with a palette knife.

landscape painting

anne stine fine art

Since this painting was created using a palette knife exclusively, it is rich in texture and movement. You can see how the paint builds up on the canvas layer after layer and I’m able to scratch into it with a sharp tool for added visual texture.

cold wax

The final piece beside the original photograph shows how cold wax medium can add great visual texture to landscape paintings.



This piece will be exhibited in a local art show this month. Contact me for more information if you are interested.