In response to the art show cancellations and gallery closing due to the COVID – 19 social distancing mandate in Virginia, I’ve created a virtual exhibit available online showcasing my latest encaustic paintings. Additional photographs are also available.

I will be creating a new art exhibit each month and sending an email with a link to the exhibit to my “STUDIO INSIDER” group at the beginning of each month BEFORE the paintings are published on my website. This special group is given the opportunity to be FIRST to see each exhibit,

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“Deep Rooted, We Shall Remain”
encaustic on wood panel
12 x 12 x 1.5 in

The roots of our being grow, form and stretch. They take
hold and touch one another, able to bear and endure the
roughness of the elements and able to sustain the weight
of our core. The roots appear to come from a single
source, but are actually two trees. A life shared together as
one. Mixed media includes encaustic, oils, pastels, china
marker. Unframed. Image extends around the edge.

“Loveliest of Trees”
encaustic on wood panel
8 x 8 x 0.5 in

The cherry tree is the loveliest of trees to me not only for
its opulent burst of white and pink but also for its
symbolism of hope. It’s the dear memories of me as a little
girl walking hand in hand with my dad as we strolled along
the Washington DC tidal basin breathing in the hope of
Spring. Mixed media include encaustic and pastel.
Framed in white floater frame.

Tree on a Cliff

“Pirouette at Dawn”
encaustic on wood panel
40 x 30 x 1.5 in

I reach the summit after a long upward hike and I am
greeted there by a whimsical figuer of a tree performing a
dance perched upon her rocky clift. The songs of robins
and a cello-throated dove make fitting music for pliez and
turns, and arabesques.
Mixed media includes encaustic, oils, pigmented shellac,
pastels. Framed in black floater frame.

“Spring Can Not Be Cancelled”
encaustic on wood panel
24 x 36 x 1.5 in

Each Spring, my heart yearns to visit Washington DC to
see the magnificent display of cherry trees in full bloom
along the tidal basin. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19
pandemic 2020, the area was closed to visitors. It was yet
another sign of the new “normal” that would continue for
an unknown time. I express my conflicting emotions of the
joy of Spring against the melancholy of not being able to
fully experience it as I had as a child. There is hope in the
fact that Spring can never be cancelled.
Unframed, image extends around the cradled edge.
Mixed media includes gouche base, encaustic, oils,
pastels, china marker

“Stillness Moves”
encaustic on wood panel
24 x 20 x 1.5 in

As a child, I sought refuge at the neighborhood stream
where I skipped rocks and played with crayfish. Whenever
stressful moments threatened my peace, I ran from my
house with the screen door slamming behind me to the
one place I could find freedom and serenity in my solitude.
I seek that same respite from the trauma created by the
recent COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Fortunately, there is a
quaint stream not far from my current residence where I
sit and breath in the same serenity I craved so long ago.
Mixed media includes oils, encaustic, pastels, china
marker. Unframed. Image extends around edge.

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All images are copyrighted, Anne Stine Fine Art