The Spring the Summer the Childing Autumn

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SIZE: 16″x16″x1.5″

MEDIUM: Encaustic on cradled wood panel

TYPE: Painting created with professional, high-quality materials

DISPLAY: Mounted in a maple floater frame, 18″x18″.  The sides of the panel are painted slate gray. Ready to hang with hardware attached.

A signed certificate of authenticity is available.

Amidst a sun-kissed forest, spring unfurls its vibrant canvas. Cool blues and whites interlace with the warm browns and oranges of the trunks. Each tree stands as a testament to resilience, reaching skyward in its own time. The ground, a patchwork of yellows and greens, cradles the promise of blossoms. In this symphony of hues, nature dances—a celebration of life and renewal.  Mixed media include encaustic, wax pencil, and water-soluble encaustic paint.


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