SIZE: 24″x18″x1.5″

MEDIUM: Encaustic on cradled wood panel

TYPE: Painting created with professional high-quality materials

DISPLAY: Mounted in a slate gray floater frame. Ready to hang with hardware attached.

Signed certificate of authenticity available.

This abstract depicts a color shift in nature as the seasons change. In this dynamic and expressive abstract artwork, an array of shapes and lines collaborate to craft a compelling visual arrangement. The painting’s color palette, featuring vibrant shades like blue, yellow, orange, white, and red, imbues it with a lively energy, creating both movement and vitality while maintaining a harmonious balance through contrasts. The textured surface of the painting bears evident brushstrokes, intensifying its tactile appeal and elevating its expressiveness and spontaneity.

Mixed media includes encaustic, wax pencil, and oils/cold wax.